Guidance Center offering wide range of innovative programs for families

Guidance Center offering wide range of innovative programs for families

Long Island Business News, April 28, 2017

As the preeminent not-for-profit chil- dren’s mental health agency on Long Is- land, North Shore Child & Family Guid- ance Center is dedicated to restoring and strengthening the emotional well-being of children (from birth – age 24) and their families. The highly trained staff of psy- chiatrists, clinical social workers, psycholo- gists, mental health counselors, vocational rehabilitation counselors and family advo- cates lead the way in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, training, parent education, research and advocacy.

The Guidance Center helps children and families address issues such as de- pression and anxiety; developmental de- lays; bullying; teen pregnancy; sexual abuse; teen drug and alcohol abuse; and family crises stemming from illness, death, trauma and divorce. For 64 years, the Guidance Center has been a place of hope and healing, providing innovative and compassionate treatment to all who enter its doors. Unlike many organizations, the Guidance Center never turns anyone away for inability to pay.

What distinguishes the Guidance Center from similar organizations is its focus on innovative programs that address specific community needs. At its three main sites, the headquarters in Roslyn Heights, The Marks Family Right From the Start 0-3+ Center in Manhasset, and the Leeds Place in Westbury, the Guidance Center offers a variety of programs. They include the

Diane Goldberg Maternal Depression Pro- gram, which helps mothers experiencing post-partum depression as well as moth- ers of young children suffering from mood and anxiety disorders; C-GRASP (Care- givers Grandparent Respite and Support Program), which provides peer support ac- tivities, counseling, housing assistance and school advocacy; Changing Families, for children experiencing the divorce of their parents; Good Beginnings for Babies, which works with pregnant and parenting teens to promote healthier pregnancies, healthier babies and happier relationships between parent and child; and The Latina Girls Project, a multicultural and bilingual pro- gram that helps address the epidemic of de- pression and anxiety among young Latinas.

The Guidance Center also runs several programs outside the walls of its three main buildings. In partnership with Nas- sau B.O.C.E.S., the Guidance Center oper- ates the Intensive Support Program (ISP) in three Nassau County Schools, serving children from ages 5 to 21 years of age from all 56 Nassau districts.

“This program provides students who are experiencing serious emotional prob- lems an alternative to institutional or more restrictive settings,” explains An- drew Malekoff, Executive Director and CEO of the Guidance Center. “At the ISP, students receive mental health counseling, psychiatric care and special academic help to ensure they have successful school ca-

reers and graduate with their peers.”
The Guidance Center also operates a program called The Children’s Center at Nassau County Family Court. There, chil- dren from 6 weeks to 12 years are engaged in reading and other literacy programs in a safe, enriching and beautifully equipped en- vironment while their parents are conduct- ing court business. More than just a child care center, it is serves as an early learning

center and as a community resource. Finally, recognizing the value of out-

door experiences in nature, the Guidance Center operates two organic gardens, a Nature Nursery and a Wilderness Respite Program, which provides a unique oppor- tunity for at-risk adolescents to participate in nature activities that foster individu- al growth, leadership skills, mindfulness, self-esteem and friendships while also pro- moting environmental stewardship.

Whenever a child or family is in need, the Guidance Center is there to provide dedicated, expert and innovative care.