Board of Directors


Paul Vitale

Past President

Nancy Lane

Vice Presidents

Amy Cantor

Jo-Ellen Hazan

Andrea Leeds

Carol Marcell


Ruth Fortunoff Cooper


Michael Mondiello

Board Of Directors

Marilyn Albanese

Angela S. Anton

Rita Castagna

Josephine Ewing

Jeffrey Greenblatt

Rosemarie Klipper

Seth Kupferberg

Tracey Kupferberg

Andrew Marcell

Daniel Oliver

Heather Schwartz

Alexis Siegel

Troy Slade

Jacklyn A. Zitelli


Honorary Board Members

Susan Isaacs

Lilo Leeds+

Nancy Marks

Mary Tyler Moore+

+ Deceased



Executive Director

Kathy Rivera, LCSW

Associate Executive Director

Regina Barros-Rivera, LCSW

Director of Psychiatric Services

Reena Nandi, MD

Director of Clinical Services

Bruce Kaufstein, LCSW

Director of The Leeds Place – Serving Young People

Nellie Taylor-Walthrust, ThD, CASAC

Director of The Marks Family Right from the Start 0-3+ Center

Sue Cohen, PhD

Director of Triage, Emergency & Suicide Prevention Services

Elissa Smilowitz


Joan Vitiello

Director of Development

Lauren McGowan

Director of Human Resources

Kiera Cohen

Director of Outpatient Operations/Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance Officer

Cindy Ambrose